Tazzie Colomb – Long Portrait
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This is the first in an ongoing series of “Long Portraits” I have started to shoot. Long Portraits, as they are now known, seem to be a creative response to the 90 second limit placed on uploaded videos to the popular photo [and now video] sharing website, Flickr. The time limit seemed to highlight “small moments” much like a photograph might. Flickr refers to them now as “long photos”. Its like a “live” 60 second photo.

Sometimes people talk during a long portrait, other times not. I chose not to have the women speak, but rather simply look directy at the camera. Some stare at the camera, others break their gaze and look off camera. All the while exposing something about themselves as they stare at you. Its like they are watching you watching them, so behave.

This concept is nothing new though, it reminds me of Andy Warhol’s series of “Screen Test’s” that he filmed from 1964-1966. He made more than 500 of these, capturing the stare of everyone from Salvador Dali to a young Bob Dylan.

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  1. don

    why does she look so tried???? she has a very pretty smile.but in that long pic she looks stoned

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