23 Random Things You Didn’t Know About Amber Steel
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1. I believe in loving one’s self, and living in peace and harmony with others

2. I love to masturbate with huge dildos, glass, cyberskin and vibrators. I also like to get off in my spa in my backyard that overlooks the Sandia Mountains

3. I learned how to get off when I was about 13 years old with a little hand held vibrator. God I loved that thing!

4. I can lift a 160-170 pound man overhead and give him a blowjob on my shoulders, which I find to be great fun.

5. I love being sexy and strong. I weigh them of equal importance.

6. I love readying anything by Paul Coelho, The Alchemist, 11 Minutes, and The Valkryies. What an amazing storyteller that transcends sociocultural boundaries.

7. I studied Communications/English and got a BA in 1990, M.S. in 2000 in Human Resources Management

8. I pursued my doctorate in Educational Leadership at UNM before I discovered that I wanted to be a full time Muscle Goddess, and all the fun things that entails

9. I am 5’9 and 210 pounds, and I do not have to do much to maintain this size and strength, because I am a natural freak

10. I worked for the government for about 11 years before discovering that I did not enjoy being indoctrinated in mediocrity and getting paid the same wage as others that did not care about a damn thing in life

11. I am of Omaha and Shoshone Bannock descent. I was blessed into the Omaha tribe in 1993 and named “Ponca-sa”. My life changed significantly from that day.

12. I have always enjoyed wrestling men. When I was in college, I dated many of the guys on the wrestling team. Nothing is more fun than exchanging roles of domination and submission.

13. I was a standout volleyball player in college and in the military. I also led 5.10 sportclimbing routes at a bodyweight of 170.

14. I am a Desert Storm Veteran, and I served in Riyahd, Saudi Arabia. It was great to experience learn about another culture and customs

15. Sometimes I do not leave the house because I am caught up in playing with myself either on webcam, or just alone. It can really get in the way of work some days. But, it makes me happy and productive

16. I do not care about becoming famous, but serving others and realizing their fantasies, as well as my own. I have refused interviews and television programs that may exploit my lifestyle.

17. My favorite cities in the world are Albuquerque, NYC, London, Amsterdam, Paris. I love cosmopolitan lifestyle, but nothing beats the mountains. I also love the North Shore in Oahu.

18. I became an American Gladiator in 1997. I knew the creator of the show through my armwrestling days in college. We both knew that one day, I would become a Gladiator.

19. I hate labels for people and definitions of things. We are taught to think linear and to define. I hate that. The world does not have to be this way. People are just people, and that’s all that matters.

20. I feel as though I am coming into the prime of my life. I feel better now than I ever have.

21. I can feel people and I can assess them in the blink of an eye. I am rarely wrong. This is a skill many women have, but ignore due to socialization. DO NOT ignore this valuable skill!

22. I am a cat lady; I have three gorgeous Bengal boys, Zeus, Cesare, and Hercules

23. I am truly bisexual; I love both men and women

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21 Responses to “23 Random Things You Didn’t Know About Amber Steel”

  1. David

    RE: 4. This MUST make it onto a video someday… PLEASE!….

  2. Fher

    I thik you are avery insteresting person. I also think you are a woman i wold like to meet. I like to exercise too, i think you are unique. I identify a lot with you i also work in the goverment of my country. You are beutiful, i konw u have hearded that many times but anyway, i needed to tell it to you.

  3. john

    It’s too bad that i’m heavier than 160-170 pounds… oh well i guess looking at your pictures will have to do.
    Anyway, i live near Amsterdam so if you need a place to stay..
    Keep strong

  4. Amber Steel

    Dear David,
    Regarding #4, it IS on video on my website, http://www.GoddessofFetish.com so check it out.
    I will be doing many more.

    Dear Fher,
    Thank you very kindly.

    Dear John,
    Can you lose some weight? LOL…I will make it back to the Netherlands this year at some point, so sit tight.


  5. FreeDOM 2 ExPreSs

    I’m 5’8 165lb, would LOVE to sit on your shoulders & entertain you (BJ Yummy). Lol :)P I hate LABELS too.. I have a BIG ORAL Fetish 4 Women with Muscles & BIG Clits/Ass PLAY..
    Quirt your juices all over my face..

  6. Amber Steel

    Oh yes, I am a big time squirter, too. But only when I want to and I am comfortable with you!

  7. Sonny

    Next time you are in london give me a bell.. would love to take you out..

  8. Einnit

    Hello Amber,

    Wow, would I like to be with a woman like you for a night or two……. The thought of being with a woman who cannot be stopped once she decided to want you…… I would love to try. Next time you’re in Amsterdam you should let me know… Might be another nice challange in your life to get me where you want me to go….

    Hope to see you some day,


  9. Eddie

    Hey amber would love to talk with you again , Have not seen you in the gym??
    let me know when your back in New Mexico

  10. Dermot

    Hey Amber I fit into the 160 – 170 pound category. You really mean that? When you coming to Dublin?


  11. isaiah

    dear ms.steel, the first time i saw came across this site i was blown away. I didnt realize just how much i love muscular women. I work out alot too just in hopes that one day i’ll meet someone like you and be able to hold my own. And frankly i dont care about age….ive had my share of cougar like relationships. Im 25 by the way. Write back wen you get a chance

  12. Alan

    your hot, thats all thats needs to said, lady, miss, mistress thanks for the time.

  13. Neil

    Amber, you are absolutely stunning and amazing in every sense of the word. I don’t know what’s sexier–your incredible body or your mind. Once I heard that you squirt too, I almost lost it. Stay sexy!

    I’m just pissed off that I weigh 220. It would be too damn hard to get down to 170, but I can still fantasize. LOL

  14. Светлана

    Интересно, развейте..! )

  15. Michael


    I hope you respond to my email dated 10/30/09 soon. It is about sharing in some joyful sinfulness…:).

    Much Love and Peace

  16. Amber Steel

    I have been training hard and heavy in the gym for the past month since I returned from Europe. For some odd reason, I am much stronger and training with a vengeance! Perhaps because I embrace every day as a new beginning in life, and push hard to improve myself. Thank you everyone for all your kind comments, and check out my blog and website, http://www.GoddessofFetish.com as well as my clips store at http://www.clips4sale.com/store/23925

    Cheers! ;-)

  17. "Thunder"

    Hi Amber,
    I’m 5’9 – 5′ 10 tall and 183 lbs male. I have kinda fetish with muscular and athletic women. I’m currently in Vancouver, BC Canada. where’s your location? is there anyway we can meet and spend some time?

  18. Ram

    Hello Beauty, you are a work of art Amber. i Love your body.

  19. biron

    hey amber
    u r the type many people really like. much more than ur appearance its ur attitudes and way of speaking n specially urbeautiful n look towards every day of life n strong personality appeals to me.
    wish you to b always happy, champion n strong!

  20. Vinny

    HI Amber… My name is Vinny and I love women with beautiful body and of course, yours especially. I presently lived in Jersey City, NJ and work in NYC, NY as an IT Consultant. I realize I’m a stranger to you and probably will always be. But just wanted to let you know, Amber, you are one of the most gorgeously sexy, beautiful and to my personal opinion — the HOTTEST woman I’ve seen in the industry. With that in mind, would it be possible to let me know if or when you’ll be visiting NYC again? I would love to meet you in person, Amber… really! I would consider it as an ultimate dream come true of a lifetime. I have pictures of myself which were taken few weeks ago and I will send them to you once I get your reply… if you don’t mind. Just so you’ll have an idea of what I look like… k?
    Anxiously looking forward to your reply on my personal email address.
    Till then, take care beautiful Amber.
    – Vinny :)

  21. Walter

    I need to be notified of your next visit to Chicago. That’s all I can think to say; I’ll figure what to say after that point. LOL

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