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  1. Mike

    My heart goes out to you Brian. Looks like another
    hard day at the office! Lucky dog!

  2. Brian Moss

    yeah, i dont get much sympathy when i tell my friends i had a grueling weekend of shooting…

  3. Adam Lea

    You don’t get much sympathy from your webmaster either :-)
    You get to work with the women, I get to work with code. Seems unfair…

  4. Jane

    lucky u B:) Davana is by far the ONLY Figure Olympian in my book! wish she was still onstage…perhaps u can get her back in front of ur camera?

  5. FreeDOM 2 ExPreSs

    MoRe PoWeR 2 YOU & All the StrOng/SenSual LaDies.. :)

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