Genus Species: Melissa dettwiller
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I did a cool shoot with Melissa Dettwiller for Species Nutrition [Evolutionary Nutrition]. I will post some samples from the shoot from time to time.


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  1. joey galo


  2. Markus Rieder

    She is a hot girl :-)
    Will there be more ?

  3. Brian Moss

    hey markus…..i will post more from this shoot….but if you click on melissa in the model index you will see i have 100’s of pics and lots of video of melissa posted already for shemuscle members….thanks

  4. Markus Rieder

    thanx brian , wating for this set :-)

  5. jango

    waiting for Christy Resendes too ^^

  6. C.F.

    When I applied for the job as a firefighter they asked me if I could lift 50 pounds….

    Well I lifted the 50 pound barbell for 200 reps and then I asked them…

    Do you think I”m strong enought to be a firefighter?

    yes or no

  7. alan

    always knew, you had what it takes, pure hot

  8. ahmed

    how are how is sports do you do

  9. D Malcolm

    Wow Malissa

    Different pose for you. Sexy as ever with all your muscles! Please keep it up and stay healthy. From a coach.


  10. Alan

    She has always hot, just look, and I love the way she can bounce

  11. Alan

    Amazing – and that outie is just SO hot!

  12. felix

    many seem to me the better your sleep with a woman like your really beautiful

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