“It’s Getting Hot in Here”
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Carmella Cureton and Jennifer Kennedy just stopped by the Bodybuilding RawGym on Friday, to train their calves as well as a few other lovely body parts. Members, watch for a Flash Update very soon.

Members click here for additional photos

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6 Responses to ““It’s Getting Hot in Here””

  1. Jango

    … I prefer Amanda

  2. C.F.

    Ok now…

    Make a line…

    All Rides Will Last for 10 Minutes Only!

  3. Jango

    C.F. don’t pretend to be who you aren’t

  4. Adam Lea

    Hi Jango,

    My name is Adam and I am the admin/webmaster here for Brian.

    I thought I might jump in here and let you know that we appreciate your comments and those of ALL of our guests and members. I think if you look through the older posts you will see that C.F. is only being entertaining and not pretending they are someone else. At least that is how Brian and I see it.

    We certainly appreciate you looking out for the athletes though.


  5. Jango

    ok thx for the info ;)

  6. C.F.

    One more thing any guys that weigh over 250 the Horsey Ride is only 10 minutes that is the Max!

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