Time Flies
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Last week I got a call from Alti Bautista. She was getting ready for a show and wanted to stop by the Bodybuilding RawGym for a sexy photo shoot. Alti and I go way back. When I was shooting for Muscle & Fitness, we used to do a special feature every year on the best bodies on campus. Alti was attending Manhattan Borough Community College at the time and I was asked to photograph her for the issue. We have remained friends ever since. Alti looked great yesterday, as you can see by the photograph I’ve posted. Just for kicks I blew the dust off of our first shoot nine years ago and scanned a shot for you to see. You can see the great shape was there, but not the muscle maturity. Now Alti has both. Good Luck Alti.

Alti in 2000

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  1. C.F.

    My record in the boxing ring is 10 Wins 0 Losses

    5 Knockouts
    3 Technical Knockouts

    Three of the guys had to be carried out of the ring
    These fights were all against guys

    Ok, Let me know who my next opponent will be!

  2. C.F.

    I am retiring from boxing…

    The boxing association informed me that too many young male boxers were having serious injuries and they recommended that I retire from the Mixed Boxing.

  3. Female Muscle Lova

    Wow, you are beautiful. Are you Dominican?

  4. D Malcolm

    Great development, kind of a surprise and musch appreciated to view. Strong athletic feminine muscular and sexy all in one. Can’t wait to see more. Keep up the good work!

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