Davina – Member Update
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  1. C.F.

    After I workout I’m going to check to see if my bodyfat percent is under 9%

    Judging from how I look would you say I’m under to over 9% Bodyfat?

    I’d like to hear what you guys have to say!

  2. FreeDom 2 eXpReSS

    Under & you look great! Your arms look liKe your reaDy for the bodybuilding side of things.. xoxo

  3. Junta Inamorata

    I exam your look to be close under 9%… A creation of Boris Vallejo. I admire the soft downcast face, humble yet demure.

  4. joe

    i think you have the hottest body i have ever seen totally smokin wow i would love to know more about your workout routine and diet you are my new role model i hope you are having a great day

  5. FreeDom 2 eXpReSS

    GoDDess! xoxo

  6. Xotic Muslce


  7. Peter Albert

    Talk about fit!! You literally could not stick a pin in her; magnificent. The picture is a little creepy, as if she is in a dungeon. Let’s just assume that is the only gym space she could afford…

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