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Bodybuilding Rawfan favorite, Davina, stopped by yesterday for a post contest shoot at the Bodybuilding RawGym. She was a bit bummed that she didn’t do better at the Team Universe contest the night before. “It sucks to work your ass off and then just do quarter turns in heels” she lamented. You see, Davina has lots of hard earned muscle and is conflicted over having to adjust her physique for the sake of “figure”. If you ask me, I bet you will see Davina on stage as bodybuilder within 12 months. Big muscles, short hair, no heels, just the way she likes it.

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5 Responses to “Go Figure”

  1. Markus Rieder

    Cant wait to see that ……….. :-)

  2. FreeDom 2 eXpReSS

    I will be watching! xoxo moRe muScle!

  3. andreag

    great shot!!! yes i cant wait to see her on stage struttin that bod as a bodybuilder. i think she would enjoy it…as i do!

  4. C.F.

    The main reason I joined this gym is that its strictly topless, ladies are not allowed to wear a top, and, by the way the day after I joined the gym manager said 40 guys joined the day after me!

  5. FreeDom 2 eXpReSS

    I want to Whip you with a wet hot oily silk rag.. oh so genTle xoxo

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