Hard to Breath in Las Vegas
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Amber Steel makes her point with newcomer KO.

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  1. C.F.

    I told my girlfriend that my Pecs were stronger than hers and look what she did to me…

    I advise any of you guys never to underestimate the power of a woman’s Pectoral Muscles!!!!

  2. C.F.

    The key to building Big Strong Pecs is High Reps and the Bench Press and then drink plenty of Milk and eat alot of Yogurt.

  3. poi

    When will we able to see all the photos of Amber and KO together?

  4. Brian Moss

    @poi….Too early to tell you exactly when I will do a full update, but I hope to at least do a FLASH MEMBER update within the next few weeks or so…..stay tuned

  5. FreeDom 2 eXpReSS

    Wow BM you R a Lucky MAN!

  6. freedom 2 eXpress

    it’s a K.O.. ;)

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