ItalianMuscle – Photo of the Week [PLUS]
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Bodybuilding Raw- italianmuscle

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6 Responses to “ItalianMuscle – Photo of the Week [PLUS]”

  1. D.j.

    Perfect! Nothing more to say.

  2. C.F.

    Multiple Choice Test Question:

    When you saw my photo what bodypart did you look at first?

    a. Biceps
    b. Pectorals
    c. Eyes
    d. Abdominals
    e. Lips

    What is your Final Answer?

  3. C.F.

    ok, I’m just curious…

    Who looked at my Nipples First?

  4. wayne peck

    It just looks to my eyes that you had some work done. Who cares great boobs hope you’re happy with them I would be you are gorgeous

  5. DBR

    (1)eyes, (2)lips, and (3)skin (incredible).

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