“Knockin’ me out with those American thighs…”
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I finally broke down and bought an iPhone. But truth be told, I’m more intrigued [creatively] by using it as a camera rather than a phone. I hate cell phones. When I was in Las Vegas recently for the Olympia, I took a walk with KO to an adult store to look for some wardrobe. I just snapped this shot as we stood waiting for the light. I also started to play with the video camera on the iPhone. Ah, convergence, sometimes it’s not so bad. Enjoy.

BTW I will be posting KO’s first Bodybuilding Rawgallery for members this Saturday.


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4 Responses to ““Knockin’ me out with those American thighs…””

  1. C.F.

    Do you realize how Powerful my Quadz are?

  2. adam goad

    them some fine legs you have. need to some more of that great lookin ass.

  3. Dutch

    I can always count on Brian for a favorite “Photographers Quote of the Week”.

    ” I took a walk with KO to an adult store to look for some wardrobe.”

    That is just a gem. Love your work. The site keeps getting
    better and better!!!!!
    Best wishes!

  4. Brian Moss

    @dutch….thanks, i appreciate your comment….the site really has come a long way….

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