Davina – Long Portrait
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  1. John

    You are strong. Will you continue with this? If so, great.

  2. John

    You are very strong. It would be great if you continued with this.

  3. John

    Great. Keep up with the good work.

  4. joe

    i so think you are the hottest would love to see more and know more about you i lift hard so i can look as good as you

  5. Dutch

    Yep . . . she’s a keeper! I always wonder what Brian does to elicit that little smile that all the lady’s seem to give. What goes on behind the camera??? Is it that Harley hat that makes ’em light up?? or something more.

  6. Carlos

    You are truely amongst the most beautiful women I have had the pleasure to behold. I have only just found this site today and spent a great deal of my time here reading your posts and veiwing your photos. You exude intelligence and beauty in great quantities.

    I read one post that speculated that you might choose to bulk up for a different form of competition. If I were allowed a vote… I would say nay, do not change perfection. Though why listen to me? I am sure you will be beautiful regardless.

    Have a good one :o)

  7. Dave Marshall (UK)

    Allison, you are absolutely gorgeous!
    Come to England and marry me; please; pretty please …?

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