Lisa Cross, England’s Real Crown Jewel
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Finishing up her three week stay in the US, Lisa stopped by last Friday for a memorable shoot. Incredibly, she has only been training for six years. “The first time I lifted a weight I became hooked instantly. I loved the way it made me feel and the effect it had on my body. It became addictive watching my muscles grow and I love pushing myself to the limit each time I go into the gym. I soon discovered that I was very strong for a woman; especially my legs. I squat over 500 lbs and my maximum dead lift and bench are just under 400 lbs.” says Lisa. She trains about five times a week and tends to keep the weights heavy and the reps low. For all of you “Stats” guys…

Height: 5’6�
Weight: 159 lbs
Neck : 14″
Biceps : 15″
Forearms : 11″
Chest : 41″
Waist : 28″
Hips : 37″
Thighs : 25″
Calves : 15″

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  1. C.J.

    Hey Lisa,

    I’ve been training a long time I need to ask you some questions about ab training, I do a zillion crunches a day.

    Today’s Questions is?

    Why don’t my abs look like yours?

  2. Zoran

    Hello Lisa Cross

    I have been mailing you darling, could you please mail me back


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