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4 Responses to “Bea – MEMBER UPDATE”

  1. Nismoman

    Very nice. Sexy curves and love the vascularity. Too bad not nude, but you can’t ask for everything. Just please no more posts like the last one (Ru Paul) cough cough.

  2. Adam - Webmaster

    Thanks for the kind words Nismoman, and keep in mind that many of our users LOVE Roxanne Edwards (check the comments!) – different strokes and no reason to be rude to one of our Models.

    But I am glad that you find enough enjoyable here to be an active part of the community!


    Adam – Webmaster

  3. jay

    Wow…. Wish I would see her in my gym…. lol Anyhow, I’ll keep dreaming, but in the meantime, I hope we see more of her soon… beautiful in so many ways.

  4. adam goad

    WOW you of your best models. needs to show more of her ass.

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