Melissa Dettwiller
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  1. judge

    Danny….what a lucky, lucky boy you are!

  2. DBR

    If she were to be cloned, say, 50,000 times, world peace would break out instantly and last forever.

  3. Smitters

    Mel D is by far one of the hottest females of all time IMO…!

  4. C.J.

    I think everyone was too busy noticing Melissa’s assets to notice her chair lying on the floor. Maybe she got tired ironing, knocked over the chair and decided to take a nap. lol

  5. Will huff

    Valentina is much more fucking hotter. The only way I’ll change that Opinion is if she gets in bed with me and I can compare who is hotter.

  6. Vince

    I just wanna jump on her and run my fingers down her abs

  7. Peter Albert

    Normally I don’t dig enhanced figures, finding them unnecessary. This model does not need help either; on the other hand: WOW!!! Look at this picture; ask any 100 men out there if they would like to wake up to this scene, and 100 of them would say YES!!! I believe that I am in love…

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