Jennifer and Melissa – MEMBER UPDATE
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Jennifer Chamberlin and Melissa Dettwiller Bedroom, Bodybuilding, Girl/Girl, Pecs, Vascular

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Jennifer Chamberlin and Melissa Dettwiller and a sexy afternoon in the bedroom. Girl + Girl = 4 spectacular breasts, and the pecs to hold them up. Gorgeous Jennifer loves to touch and stroke and lick Melissa’s beautiful hard, vascular bodybuilder body. Melissa loves the way it feels. You would too, if they’d let you get close.

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3 Responses to “Jennifer and Melissa – MEMBER UPDATE”

  1. jim

    hot, hot and hot, Melissa is one beautiful woman and Jennifer is gorgeous also. Like to see women enjoying one another.

  2. JR

    You are the best!!!! Your body is perfect and you are so cute.

    JR from Brazil

  3. Musaafiruun

    At 120lbs Jennifer Chamberlin is nothing more than a fuckdoll for Melissa. at least it’ll be fun while it lasts!

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