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Do you dream of Genie? The blonde SheMucleLive performer does some training in the Bodybuilding RawGym, working her pecs, posing to show off her legs and glutes, and taking a whole photo set to roll down her hot red panties, with an impish smile. By the final photo, where she’s showing off flexed biceps and a pretty kitty, she’ll definitely be in your dreams.

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4 Responses to “Genie – MEMBER UPDATE”

  1. Female Muscle Lova

    I dream of Genie! Looking ravishing and radiant! Like someone just rubbed you out of a magic lamp! Barbara Eden’s got nothing on you, even in her prime! Your glutes so magnificent! I love that slightly impish, mischievous smirk you seem to have in that pic. Also love how you really let your spunky personality come out in your videos! You are one of my favorites here at Please stay hungry, muscular, strong, and beautiful, both inside and out….

  2. Female Muscle Lova

    I couldn’t help but notice that you sort of “reappropriated” a couple of my lines for the nice caption there, Mr. Moss. It’s cool. You’ll be hearing from my lawyer….. :P

  3. tony

    You’re the best Genie!!

  4. colt13

    Genie is an incredible pint sized hottie.

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