Melissa Dettwiller – MEMBER UPDATE
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Melissa Dettwiller, Bedroom, Bodybuilding, Feet, Glutes, Legs, Vascular

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An afternoon with bodybuilder Melissa Dettwiller, showing off her spectacular physique, shiny blonde hair and sexy shoes. It starts with a tiny miniskirt and an exploration of every tight muscle and slinky curve – those legs, those feet, those glutes, those pecs, those bedroom eyes, that full-lipped pout. Keep going – you definitely won’t want to miss the last photo in the set.

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3 Responses to “Melissa Dettwiller – MEMBER UPDATE”

  1. Nismoman

    HELLLLL YES. This is the epitome of Shemuscle. Melissa is sooooo sexy. Once again, the lighting is amazing, her skin, veins, muscles bulging are sooooo hot. I’m……like a rock.

  2. Mr. Towns

    mannn the things i’ll do to u with my tonge……………

  3. mr t

    Melissa Dettwiller WILL U EMAIL ME SOMETIME

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