Roxie and Lynn – MEMBER UPDATE
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Bodybuilders Roxie Rain and Lynn McCrossin can’t get enough of each other in the bedroom. It’s girl/girl muscle worship, and what beautiful, completely nude, vascular muscle it is! Big biceps, great glutes, hot legs, lots of licking and stroking. They’re touching in every photo, and you’re right there.

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4 Responses to “Roxie and Lynn – MEMBER UPDATE”

  1. D.J.

    When you girls finish up I have to ask you something!

  2. james hafner

    two beautiful bodys could play with them hot hot hot james

  3. Musaafiruun

    Lynn McCrossin is a physically and sexually powerful woman but Roxie will leave her ruined and spent.

  4. Felipe L. Simmons

    I would love to have a menage a troi with both women.

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