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Brandi Mae, lingerie posing, feet, foot fetish, nude muscle

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Bodybuilder Brandi Mae in the bedroom, taking off her tight jeans to reveal lovely satin lingerie and posing the whole time to show off her beautiful biceps, sexy pecs, gorgeous glutes and tantalizing thighs, plus some nice looks at a very pretty kitty.

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3 Responses to “Brandi Mae – MEMBER UPDATE”

  1. Female Muscle Lova

    All hail Her Majesty Brandi Mae!! Queen of SheMuscle!! Bow before this vision of female physical perfection!! Brandi Mae! Brandi Mae! Brandi Mae! God, girl. I swear, if I was stranded on a deserted island, and had nothing but a electronic device with pictures and videos of you on it, I would still die a very happy man!! What are you focusing your lovely gaze on, Mighty Muscular Aphrodite?? :-)

  2. Female Muscle Lova

    I just finished watching you on Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel. OMG, baby! I had no idea you went through all that drama, so early in life, with your mom and everything! I’m speechless. I don’t know what to say, right now. But I’m so glad you used all that trauma and pain to forge your yourself into the sinewy Desert Muscle Goddess, you are today, though…. :-)

    Love what you said to him at the end of the segment. Very positive attitude to have. Only adds to your already off-the-charts sexiness! :-)

  3. CDF

    Nice interview on Real Sports! Caught me by surprise when they name-dropped the site, then see you featured on the site afterwards!

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