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7 Responses to “Genie – MEMBER UPDATE”

  1. C.J.

    Nice Bicep Peak and Great Defined Back!

  2. Female Muscle Lova

    Genie, the petite, golden-haired Goddess of Muscle! Her body looks as if it was carved out of marble! 0_0

  3. Genie

    Hey guys, thanks for the compliments! You know I love flexing for you!!

  4. Rooster

    No question this girl has everything, beauty, strength & personality. She is a 1 of a kind

  5. Tanuki

    No! She’s a 10 of a kind!

  6. Peter Albert

    I wonder if the casual peruser of these pages can appreciate the hard work in the gym that is displayed on this beautiful fit woman. She is not the Ms.Olympia ideal, but she is the realistic, girl-next-door, type of fit that is obtainable but still impressive and sexy. Bravo and hot…

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