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When KO’s in the bedroom, she takes her time, stripping down very slowly, posing in lacy lingerie to show you the muscular results of consistent bodybuilding – big biceps, tremendous thighs, great glutes – and that scorpion tattoo. She knows it’s worth the wait – and so do you.

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4 Responses to “KO – MEMBER UPDATE”

  1. Female Muscle Lova

    It’s K.O. The Muscle Knockout, once again. Looking fit and lean as ever. Loving those sexy lace panties and the hot bicep flex…. :-)

  2. boogiedownbx

    Dyammnn! Hot.

  3. Peter Albert

    This beauty typifies the realistic fit woman that we should all embrace; no implants, no steroids, only the fit strong body that exemplifies gymnasts and the Olympic ideal.

  4. harald106

    tolle frau super körper süsse titten und die nippel kaum zu toppen

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