“Fab 5 Freddy, meet Cassandra Floyd”
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Fab 5 Freddy, Cassandra Floyd, ebony muscle, ebony bodybuilder

A few months ago I received the following email, “My name is Fab 5 Freddy. I’ve been active in the entertainment/pop culture world for quite a while and I recently got to see some of your work on line. I’m researching a documentary project in development on female bodybuilding. I’d love to know if it’s possible to talk with you about your work as your pics are amongst the most interesting I’ve encounteredâ€�

Five minutes into my first phone call with Fab, I knew he was for real, and he was intrigued by the world of women with muscle. He had just finished acting in a film called, “Rachel Getting Married”, and about to start working as a producer on a documentary also directed by Jonathan Demme, on Bob Marley. Fab explained he wanted to explore the possibility of doing a documentary on the female muscle culture.

So here we are several months later and Fab has started to do on camera interviews with myself and several fbb’s. Yesterday we filmed Cassandra Floyd at the Bodybuilding Rawgym. I’ve agreed to work with Fab as a consulting producer on the project and plan to introduce him to the people in our world. This is a work in progress, so stay tuned…

Fab 5 Freddy, Cassandra Floyd, ebony muscle, ebony bodybuilder

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  1. lanier turner

    Hi Would love to see the cassandra floyd in retro 1970’s gym! I am so eager to see the foot sole pics you did with herin there too! Please do more foot stuff and gym posing with her

  2. BOB


  3. MAC

    GORGEOUS, can’t put it any more plain than that.

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