Mistress Treasure – MEMBER UPDATE
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Mistress Treasure likes to show off her strength and her 26-inch quads. “Let’s burn,� she says, as she blast through her rows and curls, her ebony glutes gleaming. And she’s taunting you the whole time. “I feel that blood pumping,� she says. “I bet you do too, don’t you?� Ever seen a topless pullup? You will now.

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5 Responses to “Mistress Treasure – MEMBER UPDATE”

  1. Female Muscle Lova

    Mistress, your glutes and thighs are mesmerizing and hypnotizing… :-)

  2. Tony C

    She truly is a treasure, please more of her

  3. Jay

    My Goodness! Her body is everything a man could want in a woman!

  4. Vincent

    Absolutely awesome body and very sexy briefs and thong. What happens between those massive thighs can be only dreamt of …

  5. Will

    Had the honor and extraordinary pleasure of recently appearing on camera opposite Mistress Treasure. What a stunning presence! Not simply a beautiful woman (though she is most assuredly that), but an utterly remarkable physical presence. As she put me through my paces in the gym, having very witty fun at my muscular inferiority — standing side-by-side with Mistress Treasure and comparing biceps and quads is humbling, indeed, and trust me, her voice dripping with wicked sarcasm, she never let me forget it — I marveled at her level of dedication. The hours, the months, the years of working out, I am in awe. In awe and in thrall to this blistering young woman … the woman of tomorrow, here today. Aren’t we lucky?

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