Jodi Leigh Miller – MEMBER UPDATE
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jodi leigh miller thong, innocent, bare feet

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White lace panties are hot. A white lace thong is even hotter, especially when the ass it’s climbing into is as perfect and tanned as Jodie Leigh Miller’s. And when she kneels back onto her smooth, bare feet, you just might be looking at heaven. She’s got that not-so-innocent look in her green eyes that says, “I know just what you want, and if you’re lucky…�

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7 Responses to “Jodi Leigh Miller – MEMBER UPDATE”

  1. jango

    Brian, will we have a gallery with Jodi naked ?

  2. Brian Moss

    @ jango….to my knowledge, all jodi has ever done is very sexy implied nudes…..

  3. mike

    When were these shots taken? I’ve been curious as to what Jodi has been up to lately.

  4. Brian Moss

    @mike…..this was the very last shoot i ever did with jodi, probably a couple of years ago….id love to know what she is up to also…..would love to shoot her again….i checked her site and there doesn’t seem to be any recent activity

  5. FreeDom 2 ExPreSS

    Oh Jodi!!

  6. D.J.


    I would like you to buy a Queen size bed then I could like by your side! This bed seems a bit small for that!


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