Gina Jones – Flexing in Her Hotel Room

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My name is Gina Jones. I live in wonderful Las Vegas, Nevada – the world’s greatest little city!! The best place for bodybuilding and training – everything is open 24 hours!! I have been bodybuilding for 26 years – started training 1980 and did my first show in 1984. I have competed in over 25 contest winning both state and national titles. I am right over 5’4 and in the off season I weight around 150 and compete at 140. I never get over 10% bodyfat – always in excellent condition. My measurements at 40D-25-35 with 15″ arms and 24″ quads. I am not trying to get bigger – just better.
I refuse to “give up” my femininity for “mass” My max lifts are 225 Bench, 315 Dead lift and a 405 Squat. I quit training heavy a few years ago because it was getting too hard on my skeletal structure – I miss it but it is not worth the pain and down time. Training and competing is a hobby – a life long one. I would not trade it for anything. Bodybuilding has give me opportunities I thought I would never have and has allowed me to meet people I though I never would. I am getting ready for the USA’s in July. I just came out of retirement from competing last fall winning the overall in the Open and Masters division, re-qualifying me for Nationals.

Current measurements: 5’4 140 contest – 150 off season

42DD-25-35 15″ biceps 24″ quads 16″ calves

Max Lifts: Leg press 1000+

Dumbell Presses 100 each side for 3-4 reps

Bench 225 _____Squat 405_____ Deadlift 315

Curls 35-40’s for reps Low rows 180-200 for 3-4 reps

Lat pulldowns 200 for 3-4 reps

Bodybuilding Shows:

1983 – AFWB Illinois State Bodybuilding Championships – 3rd short class

1986 – Wyoming State Bodybuilding Championships – 3rd Short Class/Best Arms

1989 – NPC Four Corners Bodybuilding Championships -1st Middleweight and Overall

1989 – NPC Rocky Mountain Victory Cup – 1st Lightweight (Nat’l Qualifier)

1990 – NPC Wyoming Centennial Championships -1st Middleweight and Overall

1990 – AAU Mr. Ms. Colorado State Championships -1st Middleweight and Overall

1990 – NPC Colorado State Championships – 2nd Middleweight

1990 – AAU Mr. Ms. Jr., America – 1st Middleweight and Overall

1992 – NPC Western States Championships – 1st Heavyweight and Overall

1993 – NPC MID USA Bodybuilding Championships 3rd Heavyweight

1993 – NPC Rocky Mountain Victory Cup – 1st Heavyweight (Nat’l Qualifier)

1995 – NPC Wyoming State/Open Championships – 1st Middleweight and Overall

1995 – NPC USA’s Bodybuilding Championships – 6th Middleweight

1997 – NPC Tournament of Champions – 2nd Middleweight

2001 – NPC Las Vegas Classic – 1st Middleweight (Nat’l Qualifier)

2003 – NPC USA’;s No comment

2005 – NPC Las Vegas Classic – 1st Middleweight and Overall (Nat’l Qualifier)

2007 – NPC Las Vegas Classic – 1st Open Heavyweightand Overall (Nat’l Qualifier), Masters Overall

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