Hard Quads and Soft Stockings by Davina
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“It’s something about the contrast between hard and soft,” he said to me. “It’s the look of soft stockings pressed up against your rock solid quads and calves. It drives me crazy.” I had been webcamming when I encountered my first request for stockings. I had never worn stockings in public, with the exception of maybe fishnets on Halloween. So his request for sheer black thigh high stockings took me back at first. I walked into my bedroom, pulled sheer black stockings out from my dresser and slowly put them on, purposefully.

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As I walked back to my webcam, I saw myself on the computer screen. I was instantly aroused. There, staring back at me from my webcam feed, was a tall, muscular woman with gorgeous quads wrapped lusciously in the sheerness of stockings.

“Oh my God,” he kept saying, “Oh my God, oh my God.” He asked me to take off my bra and panties. There I was, naked except for a pair of sultry stockings, and feeling sexier then ever. My tall legs were more prominent then ever, clothed in black and posed hard in my stiletto heels. I began caressing them, feeling the contrast between the softness of the stockings and the hardness of my thighs beneath my fingertips. I could see exactly what he was talking about. The rest of my physique seemed to fade and my focus became my thick quads and my taut calves. I ran my fingers up and down my legs, watching my quads swell beneath the material of the stockings. I was becoming more and more aroused, my clit began to throb and I could feel myself getting wet. The feeling of those stockings against my hard legs was incredible.

Monica Martin
Monica Martin

“Come close to the camera,” he said, “I want to see those quads pushing against the stockings.” I walked up to the camera, my stocking thighs inches away from the lens. “Now flex,” he said with urgency. “Flex please.” I felt the tension increasing between my thighs as I began to flex and work my quads for him. Never before had I experienced the sensuality of a simple pair of stockings, or the incredible sexiness I felt from seeing my thick legs pushing at the sheer material. Nothing I was doing was for his viewing pleasure anymore, it was for my own pleasure. I planted my feet shoulder width apart, turned my quads out and tightened them. I then pulled my upper body into a front lat spread. My body formed a complete “Xâ€� and I could see my quads tense and shake in the stockings.

Monica Martin
Monica Martin

“You’re incredibly sexy in those stockings.” he said, but I didn’t need him to tell me that. The sight of my own thighs in tight black stockings had made me wet and caused my legs to shake. I had to catch my breath. My own thighs had aroused me. He was right, I was sexy. I was.

Jennifer Searles    Allison Jones
Jennifer Searles and Allison Jones

Tara Scotti
Tara Scotti

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  1. Griffon


    Thank you for relating that amazing experience! Often I have thought about how much muscular women are aroused by their own physiques, and reading about how you were turned on at the sight of your quads stretching the stockings gave me a valuable clue to the answer to my question. I wish you the best as you continue to explore the sexuality of your physique and I look forward to reading more about your exploration.

  2. FreeDOM 2 ExPreSs

    Great wRiter!.. xoxoxo

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