Hard Quads and Soft Stockings by Davina
Updated on October 7th, 2011

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“It’s something about the contrast between hard and soft,” he said to me. “It’s the look of soft stockings pressed up against your rock solid quads and calves. It drives me crazy.” I had been webcamming when I encountered my first request for stockings. I had never worn stockings in public, with the exception of maybe fishnets on Halloween. So his request for sheer black thigh high stockings took me back at first. I walked into my bedroom, pulled sheer black stockings out from my dresser and slowly put them on, purposefully.

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As I walked back to my webcam, I saw myself on the computer screen. I was instantly aroused. There, staring back at me from my webcam feed, was a tall, muscular woman with gorgeous quads wrapped lusciously in the sheerness of stockings.
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I Need Carbs [Bad] by Davina
Updated on August 10th, 2009

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It’s been a long day. Less then five hours of sleep due to random awakenings in the middle of the night, feeling my starving stomach. Up at 7 am and in the gym to do cardio before coffee, before breakfast.


I was so bleary eyed this morning, I had to continue to look down at my feet on the stairmaster for fear I’d miss a step and fall off the machine. I was so distant, I placed my splenda packets in the refrigerator last night and spent 15 minutes this morning searching for them to put in my oatmeal. Lifting has become an effort, not only physically, but mentally as well. I try all the usual things that motivate me, listening to my music, admiring my physique in the gym mirrors of, but still I feel a certain level of mental exhaustion which is difficult to overcome.

Why do I do this?

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Muscle Control by Davina
Updated on June 26th, 2009

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Can you “pec bounceâ€�? Can you bounce your biceps? Do you know about muscle control? These are questions I’ve been asked, by men in public, and by men on shemusclelive webcams, over and over. Despite having honed a beautiful, sculpted, muscular physique, I am far from perfect. I can pose, flex, role play, dom or sub, tease and flirt, but the one thing I cannot seem to master is the art of muscle control, specifically pectoral control.

Christy Resendes is known for her pec and bicep bouncing abilities, so I asked her to send me a video to show you guys, Thanks Christy!

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Labels and Limits by Davina
Updated on June 5th, 2009

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Why do I choose to not define my sexuality? I’ve exposed parts of myself here on Shemuscle, that have never been exposed before. I am speaking to my inner thoughts, wants, and desires. Ultimately, I am also opening myself up for questioning, curiosity, and ridicule.

Davina's World - Shemuscle

Since I began writing for Brian, I’ve found the number of emails and commentary I’ve received has nearly doubled and the question everyone seems to be asking with undying frequency is: What is your sexual orientation? It seems everyone wants to know if I’m bisexual, lesbian, or straight.

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Gluteus to the Maximus by Davina
Updated on May 29th, 2009

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Off season or on stage, I love my glutes. I enjoy the feeling of their fullness during the off season, when they’re thick, curvy, juicy, and it’s hard to fit into my jeans. When I diet down, or lean out for a show, I love to watch the striations grow as they split and cut across my smooth skin.

Davana Medina

Doing heavy squats the other day, I was aware of their tightness, and the strength that came from my glutes when I powered upwards underneath the weight. While leaving the gym I caught sight of myself in the mirror. My ass was firm, taut, the bottom of my glutes peeking out from beneath my gym shorts. They bounced slightly as I walked, as they always do in my off season when I carry more weight, and I smiled to myself. They looked firm and muscular. My glutes looked strong, and strength in women is always sexy.

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Girl on Girl by Davina
Updated on May 8th, 2009

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I have never cared about defining my sexuality. Bisexual, gay, lesbian, asexual, heterosexual- there are numerous terms that attempt to define every angle and aspect of a person’s sexuality, but I don’t see attraction in terms of black’s and white’s. Although typically my sexual experiences and relationships have revolved around men, I have never excluded, nor denied women.


I think, as a woman, I was made aware at a young age, of the sexual appeal I had towards men. Men who watched me in the mall, men who looked at me while I stood at the grocery store with my mother, men who turned in their cars as I jogged past them on the sidewalk. It wasn’t until my mid twenties that I began to slowly become aware of my own sexuality, and the sexual appeal I had both towards, and for women.

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Bicep Love by Davina
Updated on April 20th, 2009

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I kiss my biceps when I flex them, just to feel that solid muscle beneath my lips. Most women consider their breasts, or their ass, maybe their eyes as their favorite feature. Not me, I love my biceps. Prominent and peaked, I hold nothing back when flexing them.


I enjoy the feeling of my muscle as it contracts and rolls beneath my skin. I watch my biceps when flexing. I watch them while lifting as well. While running my hands over my bicep I am still amazed sometimes at how solid they are, how developed. I love feeling the swell of my muscle when I’m lifting or the pump in my biceps after a solid set of curls. It is ironic to me, that my biceps are now one of my most well known muscle groups, because years ago, that would never have been the case. I call them my “moneymakers.” My biceps are my most requested muscle, when I webcam.

It’s not always easy to claim your body as your own. My body was not always in the shape that it’s currently in. I remember a boy in high school who could wrap one hand around my bicep with all fingers touching. He used to chuckle at how thin my arms were, at how skinny my 16 year old frame was. I used to be timid, hesitant and quiet, almost withdrawn about my appearance. I was far from confident. Continue reading “Bicep Love”

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“I walk around naked more often now…” by Davina
Updated on April 12th, 2009

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There are days when I cannot stop touching myself. Over the last few years my clit has grown, considerably. Initially it was something I feared, a change in my body that I didn’t understand and was not sure how to react to. I could feel my clit when I walked or when I worked out.


It began to show through my underwear. Suddenly a part of me that had remained safely hidden for so many years was growing, changing, and ultimately displaying itself in a way that both shocked and excited me. When I shared these thoughts with a girlfriend [with a big clit] from the gym, she said ” I get aroused and it’s like a guy- it grows and throbs. I call it my she-penis, and when it wants to play, we need to play.”

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“Welcome to Davina’s World”
Updated on April 7th, 2009

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I feel my muscle contracting beneath my skin, and I understand why I’m here. On days like today, there is nothing to do, but to lift. In the gym, the struggle is real. Nothing about the weight lies. There is honesty in every movement and my body speaks for itself. My physical strength mirrors my internal courage.

What is it that attracts me to this lifestyle? What is it about the brutal strain of dieting, the thrill of competing, the clang of the weight room, and the constant struggle to perfect my physique that keeps me coming back, day in, day out? What is it about my muscle that has made me so erotic, sensual, confident? There are days I touch my own muscle, just for the excitement. There are days I stare at my own reflection, admiring the work that I’ve done.

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